Review: A tiny taste of Raspberry Pi

I have a regular technology club that meets twice a month after school at the library. It's made up of middle and young high school students, and since its inception last year, I've really tried to follow their lead in the projects we pursue. This fall, when we started up and all of last year's … Continue reading Review: A tiny taste of Raspberry Pi


Review: Squishy Circuits

Robot Basics What is it? Squishy Circuits are a set that helps you explore circuits and electricity using dough. What's in the Box? I used this set: How Much? $25.00 for one set, plus cost of supplies for dough. Age Range? Our program was for Grades 3 and up, but I think you could … Continue reading Review: Squishy Circuits

Review: Cubelets

Robot Basics: What is it? Cubelets are a modular robotics teaching tool and toy from the aptly named Modular Robotics. Color coded, cube shaped pieces attach to one another with magnets, enabling the user to quickly and easily build a variety of robots. What's in the Box? The KT06 kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries, several … Continue reading Review: Cubelets