Review: Bee-bot

Robot Basics: What is it? A simple robot that teaches coding and sequences for children as young as 3 What's in the Box?  the Bee-bot and a charging cord.We also ordered the sequential cards. How Much?   the website says $89.95 according to the website. The cards were another $24.95 Age Range?  Ages 3 and up … Continue reading Review: Bee-bot

Review: Cubelets

Robot Basics: What is it? Cubelets are a modular robotics teaching tool and toy from the aptly named Modular Robotics. Color coded, cube shaped pieces attach to one another with magnets, enabling the user to quickly and easily build a variety of robots. What's in the Box? The KT06 kit contains 2 rechargeable batteries, several … Continue reading Review: Cubelets

Review: LEGO WeDo

Robot Basics: What is it?  Lego Wedo uses Lego bricks, electronic elements, and computer programming to teach simple robotics What's in the Box?  as noted on the Lego Education website: the set contains more than 150 elements, including a motor, motion and tilt sensors, and the LEGO USB Hub.  How Much?  $129.95 Age Range?  ages … Continue reading Review: LEGO WeDo