Bloxel Builders

Basics: What is it? Bloxels is a "hands-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation." What's in the Box?  a black gameboard (13 x 13 grid) with a variety of small colorful cubes.  An idea booklet was purchases separately. (It looks like they've restructured things since we bought our Bloxels... … Continue reading Bloxel Builders

Ten Dollar Tuesday: Take Flight

Learning about the forces of flight is cheap, easy, and fun (really!). Supplies: Paper, masking tape, paper clips, scissors 1. Discuss the forces of flight: Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag. You'll just want to provide a very basic understanding of these concepts. 2. Discuss how the forces of flight work on paper airplanes, such as … Continue reading Ten Dollar Tuesday: Take Flight

Coding Club: It’s Not Just About Coding

We had our first coding club for 4th-8th graders a couple weeks ago, and I’m glad to say it was a success. Here are a few things that helped it go smoothly: Because my coding experience is limited and my workplace encourages cross-departmental collaboration, I co-planned it with a librarian from adult services who has … Continue reading Coding Club: It’s Not Just About Coding