Bloxel Builders

Basics: What is it? Bloxels is a "hands-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation." What's in the Box?  a black gameboard (13 x 13 grid) with a variety of small colorful cubes.  An idea booklet was purchases separately. (It looks like they've restructured things since we bought our Bloxels... … Continue reading Bloxel Builders

Review: littleKids playing with littleBits

I've used littleBits with my middle school technology club to great effect. The simplicity of changing things up and flexibility of the multiple bits is really appealing. When I brought a kit home to show my own kids, ages 4 and almost 7, it was a different experience, but pretty rewarding! Here are some things you … Continue reading Review: littleKids playing with littleBits

Review: Squishy Circuits

Robot Basics What is it? Squishy Circuits are a set that helps you explore circuits and electricity using dough. What's in the Box? I used this set: How Much? $25.00 for one set, plus cost of supplies for dough. Age Range? Our program was for Grades 3 and up, but I think you could … Continue reading Review: Squishy Circuits