Hosting a Maker Day

Over spring break this year my library focused on maker and STEAM based activities - we called it Make Your Break! The highlight of the event was a drop-in all ages Maker Mania day where we let library users test, tinker, and try some tech tools and maker stuff. Our event was very successful, bringing … Continue reading Hosting a Maker Day

Punching Above My Weight

It's Sunday morning and I wake up thinking about computer monitors. Specifically, where can I get more for cheap, and where will I store them and how will I get them, smoothy and safely, into our multipurpose meeting room at the library every other week. And this gets me thinking about extension cords and how … Continue reading Punching Above My Weight

We’re not Faking it, We’re Making It.

Working with my Robot Test Kitchen colleagues during ILEADUSA was a fantastic experience, and now that we're continuing with this project I appreciate the value of this collaboration even more. When we're given opportunities, chances are at least one of us can say yes. A couple of weeks ago┬áBrian Pichman with the Evolve Project asked … Continue reading We’re not Faking it, We’re Making It.