Take it Apart!

In the Robot Test Kitchen, we talk about five main barriers that we┬átypically face in conducting technology programming in our libraries: time, budget, skill, interest, and support. It's our belief that most of these are not impossible barriers, but sometimes it's hard to see how. Especially when things like your time and budget are already … Continue reading Take it Apart!

Review: Sphero

Robot Basics: What is it? Sphero is a sturdy, buoyant, waterproof, hard shelled ball that changes color and responds to commands via a handheld device - a smartphone or a tablet. At the most basic, Sphero can be used as a game controller for a number of downloaded games. But there are more complex functions … Continue reading Review: Sphero

Review: Squishy Circuits

Robot Basics What is it? Squishy Circuits are a set that helps you explore circuits and electricity using dough. What's in the Box? I used this set: http://squishycircuitsstore.com/kits.html How Much? $25.00 for one set, plus cost of supplies for dough. Age Range? Our program was for Grades 3 and up, but I think you could … Continue reading Review: Squishy Circuits