Robots in Storytime

I believe the easiest approach when it comes to using new technology is to incorporate it into a program you are already doing. Sometimes it feels too daunting to design an entire new program around some fancy new thing. Sometimes you don’t have room on the schedule to add that new fancy program. Other times you … Continue reading Robots in Storytime


Bee-Bot Command Cards: ideas for use

A follow-up to the Bee-Bot Review: Yesterday on Twitter, my fellow robot enthusiast Sharon asked: "If you have a beebot, how are you using the cards? Feeling like they aren't needed. Showing vs. doing, doing wins, right?" I responded, "I think you could use them to set up a route, point A to point B, … Continue reading Bee-Bot Command Cards: ideas for use

Review: Bee-Bot

Robot Basics What is it? From the user guide, “Bee-Bot is an award-winning programmable floor robot with a simple, child-friendly layout which is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children.” What's in the Box? The Bee-Bot includes, the Bee-but, a USB charging cable, a set of command cards, … Continue reading Review: Bee-Bot