Dear Everyday Librarians, I could use some help…

We welcome your questions! Things to know when submitting your question:

  • You may come to the question through frustration, but we will try to approach it with constructive suggestions. This is not the place for personal attacks on coworkers, patrons, or patron groups or for venting.
  • We may edit your question to remove personally identifying details and emphasize ways in which you are not alone in your struggle.
  • Between the five of us we have experienced a lot, but sometimes we may need to pull in other librarians for their feedback. Responses may take some time.

Dear Everyday Librarians, The best thing just happened…

Did you just nail a tricky RA request? Get invited to a patron’s book club? Make inroads with the local school? We know the best days aren’t always the biggest days, and we strive to acknowledge the small greatness in librarianing as well. Let everyone know about your Everyday Library Heroism by sharing your awesome success with the world!

  • Your successes can be anonymous, or you can name yourself.
  • We love photos with submissions but please be conscious of patron privacy if you’re including people.
  • We may edit your submissions for clarity.

Share your everyday expertise

From time to time we’re going to need some help. If you’re a solution-oriented everyday librarian like us and want to join our coterie of answer givers, drop us a line and let us know why the project appeals to you and which librarian merit badges you’re most proud of having earned.


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