We are the Techno Whats, a group of Youth Services and Teen librarians. We believe that when imaginations play, learning happens. We aim to use simple robotics as a means to expand our learning experience for other new technologies. Our goal is to provide an entry point of simple robotics in a way Youth and Teen Librarians can understand.

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Heather Booth

I came to librarianship because I got to read books and talk to teens about them. Such a dream job that I even wrote a book about doing just that. But in the fourteen years since I started on this path, the landscape has changed, so have the possibilities, and so have I. I’m craving a new challenge, and I’m realizing that I feel most engaged and energized while helping other librarians be effective and feel confident in their jobs. Having fun with technology is not something I am accustomed to, or feel like I’m good at, but I am embracing the opportunity because of the potential to use these tools to connect with my patrons, and connect my patrons with the Library. Follow me @boothheather

Kim Calkins


I have been a librarian for 8 years. Currently I am the Middle School Services Librarian at the Elmhurst Public Library. I have been successful with many of my programs, but the robotics trend has me sweating. Not necessarily interested in robotics, I have stuck my toe in the water of programming and have frequently felt nervous about what I do not know. I want to participate in the Robot Test Kitchen to enhance my knowledge and understanding of robotics in libraries, and also express my trepidation in this new landscape so others who are not robotically-inclined feel less alone. If you’re scared of robotics like I am, fear not, we’re in this together. Follow me @kscott58

Jacqueline Christen

Profile PicI’ve been working in libraries for almost ten years, and I’m currently the Grade School Program Coordinator at the Glenside Public Library. I was drawn to librarianship because I love to read, but along the way I’ve found that I have a passion for programming. I love helping my patrons learn and explore while discovering new interests and aptitudes. In planning STEM programs I’ve actually learned a lot about the world and discovered new ways of thinking. Exploring robotics in libraries has already been so much fun, and while there is a lot to learn, I can’t wait to jump in and share what I learn along the way. Follow me @InfoJacquie


Sharon Hrycewicz

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.02.12 PMIn high school, I completed my science courses as quickly as possible, taking the absolute minimum to graduate.  I’m a humanities girl; my kind of sciences are the social sciences.  But I’ve always been drawn to new things.   I enjoy finding the next new thing; I like to explore and try and figure things out.   I’m not always successful doing things my way  and that  is why I’m so pleased to be working on this project.  As children’s librarians, we are not alone.  We have each other.   I’ve been blessed to work at the Downers Grove Public Library since 1997. Follow me @ReadingChick

Michelle Kilty

Michelle Kilty

I have been working in libraries for seven years, currently I am the Digital Literacy Librarian in Youth Services for Helen Plum Library in Lombard, IL. I am passionate about helping kids of all ages discover new concepts and ideas. Exploring new technology is one of my favorite things – I like to dig in and learn. I am excited about bringing more STEM and robotics based programs to libraries and am eager to help others learn how to break it down. Follow me @michelleannlib