Movement and motivation

It's been 3 weeks since ILEAD U ended.  My inbox is filled with emails from my amazing teammates.  "Let's keep this going" is the general refrain.  We are doing things! Except.  I'm not. (Or maybe, it doesn't feel like I am) One of the things that was so attractive about this project was that I … Continue reading Movement and motivation

Review: Snap Circuits

Robot Basics: What is it? Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun. Just follow the colorful pictures in our manual and build exciting projects such as AM radios; burglar alarms; doorbells and much more. You can even play electronic games with your friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with … Continue reading Review: Snap Circuits

Review: Sphero

Robot Basics: Sphero 2.0 What is it? (from the website) Control Sphero from your smartphone or tablet, change colors, complete challenges, earn tricks, and more. Sphero is waterproof, pet-proof, and ready to roll. Download free SPRK lessons and learn the basics of programming. Then unleash Sphero's inner robot and program like a pro. The more … Continue reading Review: Sphero