Movement and motivation

It’s been 3 weeks since ILEAD U ended.  My inbox is filled with emails from my amazing teammates.  “Let’s keep this going” is the general refrain.  We are doing things!

Except.  I’m not.

(Or maybe, it doesn’t feel like I am)

One of the things that was so attractive about this project was that I wouldn’t have to do much work preparing these technology kits.  They would come fully fuctional.  I would put them out, the kids would play, and all would be well.  My STEM goals would be reached.  All for a low low price of ____.

Oh, how I wish that was true.  I WISH THIS WAS TRUE! (Yes, I am using all caps to SHOUT!)

The truth is that there is no easy fix to get this stuff (technology, programming, STEM) into our libraries.  It takes effort, motivation, and continued education and movement.  That is where I am struggling.  I came into this program ambivalent.  I left ILEAD U with great care and admiration for my fellow ILEADers, particularly my teammates.  I cannot say that I grew in my love for this technology.

So now I am here.  No programs to evaluate.  ILEAD is over.  Now is when I have to put my money where my mouth is and keep moving forward.

Here is my question:  we still have money left over from the ILEAD U grant. What should we buy?  What do you want to see evaluated?

My truth is I still need you.  I need all of you to keep me moving forward.  It was so easy to be pulled into the momentum of ILEAD U.  It is summer camp for librarians.  But most people do not have the opportunity to have such an amazing experience.  Some of you are the only people in your department.  Some of you have crappy management.  Some of you have no money. It is hard to keep momentum in these situations.

If you are one of those people, please know, I am with you.  When the lights fade, the excitement diminishes, and the loneliness comes back, I am there.  I know it can start to feel too big again.  And that is why we (RTK) are here.  We need to be a pep rally for each other as much as we need to be a resource for each other.

Let’s do this thing.  42 steps.  One step at a time.

2 thoughts on “Movement and motivation

  1. I find myself saying “42 steps.” The problem is, there is so much stuff to do at work that isn’t testing stuff. How do I find the time? We are starting new services, programming is coming back. I have three storytimes next week and Holiday family fun to plan. When can I get my testers back when they have bowling and acting class and homework?

    42 steps. We’ll get there. Thanks for this, Kim. I’m glad I’m not alone.

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