lightbulbMy poor science knowledge continues to plague me.  When I am sitting at this table and trying to figure out why the various Lego Wedo sensors aren’t working, I feel like a failure.

Now, this whole process is about trying and failing and trying again.  I understand the concept of failing forward. Really, it’s what boosted my confidence to complete this project.  But at some point, you sort of need to understand the concepts in order to make things work, right?  That’s my problem.  I’m terrified that I don’t understand some of these things.  Self-discovery is a lovely thing, but don’t you have to explain some of the concepts to the kids you work with?  That’s what makes these teachable moments — bringing the discovery around to understanding.

I lack confidence in this area.

One thought on “True Confessions: Failing Forward or Troubleshooting?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I struggle with this, too. But then I think about how I get through things I know I can do well. I know what to do when I’m having a rough storytime, so I try and apply the same tactics to technology programs. And by doing and struggling, you will start to understand it more. There is a false notion we have to be masters before we play with this stuff, and frankly that notion is BS. Now I just need to listen to my own advice.

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