True Confessions: Kim

Here I sit: listening, learning, overwhelmed.

“Makey Makey”
“Mind Storm”
“Raspberri Pi”

People, the only raspberry pie I’m familiar with is the one with whip cream.

What is it that I am getting myself into?  Where is the value in this?  How can I pretend to care?

And then I tell myself this:
You don’t have to care about this.  This is one of those topics you had in school.  It is homework.  You are doing this for your job.  This is making you a well rounded person.  This is important because it may be important to some kid who walks through the door.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have to love this!  I don’t have to be passionate about robots!  Here is what I am passionate about: learning.  I am passionate about taking risks.  We as librarians are not going to fan-out over every book we read.  We will not love every magician who walks in the door to do a program.  And the good news is that we do not have to care about everything we do.  We will not love everything.  As a professional, and as a woman attempting to be a grown up, I am putting aside my personal disinterest.  There will be something to learn.  There will be something that sticks.

The only requirement for this type of programming is willingness.  Willingness to not know.  Willingness to be humble and tell the truth.  Willingness to ask for help. Willingness to fail.

I can get on board with that.


And that’s what I can get behind.

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