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Bloxel Builders

Basics: What is it? Bloxels is a "hands-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation." What's in the Box?  a black gameboard (13 x 13 grid) with a variety of small colorful cubes.  An idea booklet was purchases separately. (It looks like they've restructured things since we bought our Bloxels... … Continue reading Bloxel Builders

I just had to tackle DIY bouncy balls

Here at Robot Test Kitchen, we're big proponents of learning from failure. Sometimes I take it a step further and see a fail as a challenge, and that was the case with DIY Bouncy Balls. After reading Heather's post and seeing that picture of cup full of multicolored goo, I knew it was something I would … Continue reading I just had to tackle DIY bouncy balls